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Hands on with the iPhone (Certainly the coolest gadget you will ever own)

July 30, 2007

I had written here a lot of things in my blog against the iPhone. And still I stand behind most of them. But after playing several hours with an iPhone yesterday, I can definitely say that Apple had manufactured a very cool phone and a gadget.

Not that it is without issues, but the main advantage of the iPhone is its GUI and the ease of use.

Functionality wise the iPhone has the same functionality as with any other mobile phone on the market, and it does not lack any major features. The integrated iPod even makes it better.

Comparing the iPhone to the latest Windows Mobile 6 phones does an injustice with the iPhone. Simply, in my opinion, the iPhone is far superior to the WM6.

This also holds true when compared to the Blackberry. Some would argue that the Blackberry’s keyboard is better, and therefore business wise they would choose the Blackberry. I think this is all a matter of taste. A lot had been written about the virtual keyboard – too small, hard to use, etc. But after about 15 minutes of using it, the keyboard and the automatic correction it offers worked like a charm.

The iPhone is easy to operate, and intuitive. But here is the problem – this phone is not for my mom and not for my dad. It is for the cool folks who understand to slide their fingers across the beautiful touch screen to get their work done. Not that there are not tone of those out there.

If apple would add a GPS, UMTS/3G support, take security seriously and fix the battery issue (replacement and lifetime) then undoubtedly, in my opinion, they will have the #1 phone on the market (some may argue they already have).


HTC Touch, iPhone rival?

June 10, 2007

HTC announced on June 5th the HTC Touch (579 USD for a SIM free phone). HTC Touch features the TouchFlo technology, which allows you to operate the smart phone just by swiping your finger on the device’s 2.8-inch, 65,536-color touch screen. The direction of movement your finger is taking over the touch screen is mapped into actions the phone executes.

HTC Touch is based on Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition; support any feature you would like from a smart phone but lack support for 3G.

Does this make a proper rival against the upcoming Apple iPhone? It is currently hard to tell. In my opinion both mobile phones lack some features, which I deem mandatory form a smart phone.