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Office 2008 for Mac – A Ture Microsoft Software

March 1, 2009

I am a Mac user. This is not new. I got a habit to write about the software I am using from time to time, and to complain about software as well.

I already had written in the past about Office 2008. Using it extensively on the Mac for the past several weeks, and I am getting tired of it everytime I need to use it. The bugs Word, Powerpoint and Entourage have are making this software unbarable.

My frustration grows as I tried using Keynote and Pages ’09. The problem being is incompatability. Yes, forget about compatability, it is simply a lie. Open a powerpoint presentation, it would open, but most times the design you had would not be there any more. The same holds true when creating a Keynote presentation and exporting it to Powerpoint format.

Open Office is not an option as well, as I see what it produces on Linux.

So, what is the solution for all of this?


Mac software: Some might still not be there…yet.

December 22, 2008

I know that what I am writing here would result in hate replies saying I am just a PC user envy of those cool Mac users and this is why I am writing the stuff I am writing.

So let’s start with a disclosure: I am a Mac user from the initial release of Mac OS X. My first Mac was a G3 notebook. I still remember how costly it was buying that machine (I still own it). From there I have moved to a G4 notebook (Mac Book Pro) , later to the first Intel generation of MPB’s (Yuck), to my latest 2.6Mhz 4mb of memory MBP.

Like every other Mac user back in those days I had suffered from a number of issues, like hardware (my first generation Intel-based MBP was replaced 4 times), to the limited number of software that back then was available for the Mac.

So, why am I writing about “Mac software: Some might still not be there…yet.”?

Two incidents in the past months are the reason. The first relates to Office 2008. Let’s put the incompatibility issues with Office 2007 aside for a second, and the irritating bugs and talk about the email client: Entourage. Unfortunately this is no equivalent to Outlook 2007. What is my problem with it? One nice morning office declared the database is corrupt. Using the DB tools provided I tried rescuing it. Going through nearly the entire database the tool just hang and crash… Bye-Bye to a month of emails (luckily I had backup).

The second incident was with PGP Desktop for Mac. Using PGP for years now (for the PC and for the Mac) I was tempted to get the latest version for Mac (10.5.x compatible). The result? After several months of work, it got my encrypted drive corrupt.

Still, if you are looking at it, two distinguished software for the Mac simply cannot leave to its expectation.

Before you all jump saying this happens for the PC as well, then I would say – show me an alternative that I can use on the Mac. Email client == none (please do not mention because it is simply useless when you have a lot of email).

The fact is that I will be still using my MBP and Mac OS X as my main machine and work tool, but my disappointment is big. Currently this is the better option then using a PC. But if Apple would wish people to treat its hardware, OS, and software as a solution they can be using for the enterprise it needs at least to make sure that it encourages developers to develop alternatives to what is out there software wise for the Mac OS X platform.  Looking at the economy, and the fact anyone has an iPod, notebooks makes a huge slice of sales for Apple. Before it is not late, they should develop/encourage/solicit more viable options for it.