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Where is Apple going with this?

July 8, 2008

I admit it.

I really do not understand Apple and its idiotic policy with regards to the iPhone 3G. Let’s assume I would like to buy the iPhone and pay 600 USD just to get it. According to some reports, I would still need to activate it. It would not be SIM free… I am not sure if these reports are true, but if so this represents a lame way of moving back instead of moving forward for Apple.

What was so cool about the first generation iPhone? You could activate it at home (or not) using iTunes and the whole let’s go to the store thing did not apply.

Now you are forced to activate in store (Apple or AT&T).

Frankly I am getting tired of this. The phone itself is not any new revelation to the mobile phone industry. So we have 3G, GPS and a better battery. The version Apple had to start with a year later.

If it turns out that you are to pay 600 USD for an unlocked iPhone 3G I do believe there might be other more interesting alternatives. Check out HTC touch Diamond, and the new Touch Pro (679 USD unlocked SIM free).


Speculation: iPhone SIM-Free? Not in this life time

August 27, 2007

Why wouldn’t Apple sell an iPhone SIM free? Many people around the world would not wait a second before placing an order to get the iPhone. But according to the rumors that I have read lately, part of Apple’s agreement with the Telecom companies (i.e. Orange France, O2 England, and Vodaphone in Germany) is to receive a 10% of the revenue from those who would buy an iPhone. So for Apple, the revenue potential is not only coming from the expensive hardware (I paid, I know) but also from its usage.

If you think about this, this is a brilliant move. So why allowing iPhone SIM free were Apple cannot collect? This is why, in my opinion, there would not be an iPhone SIM free, and this is also the reason why Apple is chasing those who claim they have unlocked the iPhone.