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Defected from Apple iPod, got a Sony S2 Sports Walkman

March 7, 2007

A year after year (and sometimes only some months in between) I have been updating my line of iPods. I can see them stacked here, from the first generation of the iPod to the new iPod shuffle.

The one I did not get in the process is the iPod Video. Actually when I examined the iPod video I could not understand what the whole enthusiasm is about. I can’t still understand who wants to watch movies on a 2.5inch screen.

It would actually be interesting to study how many of those people who had bought the iPod video are actually using the video functionality of the iPod video or just bought it since it has a cool factor.

Although I got the new iPod shuffle and I own the nano I am not please with those. It just irritates me that for a lot more money you get less technology/features.

So, lately I was wondering which new MP3 player should I get. Finally I got the new Sony S2 sports walkman (the 2GB version). Compared to the iPod it has a screen, although one line but usable. It has a build in FM tuner, and it is able to report various information regarding your sports activities. What I like the most is that for 3 hours of playing songs I only need 3 minutes of charging.

Sure, there are some drawbacks, like no software for my MAC OS X, but still as a whole this is a better player, with more features, the same price (the 1GB version is 80USD), and with a better quality player.

I believe that there are other people like me who are disappointed at what Apple has to offer them currently with the iPod player line of products. Just look at Archos’s new 604 player and you will understand what I am talking about.