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More Hardware Issues with My MacBook Pro

May 8, 2007

So, my Mac Book Pro had to be serviced…again! The problem this time is with the display (again) and with the optical drive (does not want to read anything anymore).

The last time I had been to an Apple store it was established that the display and the optical drive needs to be replaced. Since I did not had the time to leave the computer there, I did this this weekend.

The Genius Bar dude got me into buying a Pro Care and promised everything will be fixed in 2-4 days. A day later I got the call – your machine is ready to be picked up. Happy I went down to the Apple store. Just before saying goodbye after thanking them I decided to check what was replaced and if it satisfies me.

Oh my god! – So, Apple replaced the display, the optical drive and the board inverter. Nothing much. Except for the shelling of the box nearly everything was replaced. Fine I said. Let’s see how does the new display looks like. Ouch! 1/8 of the screen is darker then the rest!

So my machine is still at the Apple store, and my opinion regarding the new Intel-based hardware remains the same (bad quality). I am writing this using my old PowerBook G4 laptop.

I wonder if this would be the type of quality we should expect from the iPhone. If so, Apple is in serious trouble.


More Apple MacBook Pro Hardware Issues

March 24, 2007

My MacBook Pro is a first generation MacBook Pro with the Core Due Intel processor. From day one I had several hardware issues with the machine, which ended when Apple completely replaced my machine.

Now days, I have found that most of these problems are back. My display needs replacing (according to Apple), my optical drive does not read DVDs any more, and my battery would not charge. The machine is 8 months old…

To my surprise I am not the only one who suffers from hardware issue with the MacBook Pro. Some of my friends suffer from these as well. One of them had his MacBook Pro Intel Core Due 2 machine replaced just to find the same problem persist with the new machine he received. His problem is that the power adapter would not charge the machine… My friend is now considering either receiving his money back or getting a MacBook instead.

In my opinion, which I have expressed in the past, Apple is no longer shipping quality hardware products and this is going to cost them in the near future with people turning away from Apple hardware.

Apple’s Quality Assurance

December 22, 2006

As a Mac user for the past few years I was very happy, until recently, with the quality of hardware (laptops) and software (Mac OS X) I buy from Apple.

But that had changed when I decided to buy a MacBook Pro. Writing this, I am not using the original MacBook Pro I had bought. It had to be replaced due to some display, keyboard and a bunch of other problems. On the MacBook Pro I am using now several of these problems are being experienced again. Needless to say I am not happy.

But this is only the hardware side of things. Recently there is another bad trend from Apple. It is called Software Update. Myself, and a lot of other Mac OS X users are experiencing various problems with the OS and with Applications after an OS upgrade.

At first it started when one of the security fix packages caused OS X not to boot properly. With another software upgrade some of my applications decided not to start or function properly.

My problem is not only with the quality assurance at Apple but also with the fact that in order to remedy some of these issues (software) I need to turn to web sites other the Apple’s (i.e. MacFixIt and other).

I know I am not the only one experiencing these problems, and probably that some cannot be avoided. But I would like to get back to the time when I bought my first G3 and everything just worked (my G3 laptop is still fully functional and never experienced any issues).

If Apple wants to grow, these growing pains must be resolved.