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In Memory of Oshri Oz

May 27, 2007

My beloved friend,

I am writing to you a few hours after you have been killed. In my head I am still thinking about yesterday, about the time our families had spent together, and the things we have discussed.

I am having trouble to think about you in past tense. I can still see you in my mind playing with your daughter, running after her, going to buy her ice cream, again, when your first choice was rejected, laughing, being here…

I know you’re gone. The pictures I saw on TV showing you on the ground when the paramedics are trying to revive you simply do not get out of my head.

They are there along with all the good memories I have about you.
I will always cherish the time we had spent together.

You see my friend, you had been someone special.
Someone you do not get to meet every day.
Someone that will always be 35.

I will miss you… we will all miss you.



The Miracle of Life

January 24, 2007

Last Wednesday my wife gave birth to our first child. A baby girl we named Or (translation from Hebrew to English: Sun light).

There is nothing, which one can compare to the miracle of life. Being there alongside my wife during the pregnancy period from the time we found out she is pregnant to the birth of our child was certainly one of the most powerful experiences of my life.