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An ‘A’ to Apple Support

May 18, 2007

So, the first part of the sad story about my MacBook Pro was that although repaired, the display of the notebook still had experienced issues. After allowing Apple 3 more days I decided to call the Apple store and to ask for the status of my repair.

The phone call went something like this: “Sir, we are sorry but we were not been able to repair your machine. We have replaced the display 3 times experiencing the same issues…unfortunately we would have to completely replace it”.

Apple have replaced my Core Due 1 15′ MacBook Pro with a brand new Core Due 2 15′ MacBook Pro.

At least when it comes to support, Apple does this the right way.

The question still remains – Will the quality of the hardware be changed?

Until now the Core Due 2-based MacBook Pro is behaving better then the old one. I hope it would last more. Just as a reminder, this is my 3rd MacBook Pro machine (and yes I bought only one)…