No complete and accurate inventory? == No Security

December 15, 2008

IT networks are commonly referred to as a modern jungle by their own IT managers. The traditional inventory and asset management tools an organization may use simply cannot cope with the complexity and the dynamic nature of the IT networks. At best they provide information about 50%-60% of the organizational devices. On most organizations one may plug in a device without the knowledge of IT, receiving an IP address and being able to interact with the rest of the network.

The worst part is the effect over the Security of the IT networks. If one is unaware of a certain device then it is also unable to defend it, or defend against it. The security products we buy, and let’s assume they are all best of breed, are deployed only against known devices and entities.

This creates a dangerous situation in which we secure what we know about only. A large number of devices, 20%-50% of additional devices the organization is unaware of,  jeopardizes the stability, the availability and the integrity of the IT networks and the data they carry.

In order to truley security our IT networks we must have a compelte and accurate knowledge with regards to the inventory of the devices that are attached to our networks. an inventory that reflects a true picture of the currently connected devices and must be used as the basis for any security operations.


Apple and Security: When will this bubble blow up?

December 6, 2008

Apple is thinking that security through obscurity is the right way to handle security on their products. The latest example is with their KB article on the support site related to anti-virus. A KB which was posted last year, and only now being discovered by the media.

So, what is wrong saying you may need an anti-virus for your operating system?

Does Apple think that malware and other security hazards would not hit Mac OS X for ever? This is a very bad assumption. What happens is that as the popularity of Apple based products are on the rise so does the number of people with direct access and interest.

What would the future would look like? Well, not as it is with Windows, but in my opinion it would certainly drive sleep away from Apple users as well. Treating security as another something that needs to be taken care of can cost Apple dearly especially if it would hurt those that use its products because of their related simplicity.

RIM is fighting back

November 30, 2008

It did not take long for RIM to lunch its answer to Apple’s iPhone. Although there is still work for RIM in making the Blackberry Storm a worth competition to the iPhone surly they are in the right direction. At least keeping some of its users from defecting.

Another device, which was released in Europe a few months back, but just now in the US by AT&T is the Blackberry Bold. Now offering 3G and other goodies, this device is certainly a business workhorse. I did not find any worth alternative for the excellent Blackberry push email as of yet.
Until then, and especially in light of the constant improvements with its devices (HTML email is still a bummer) RIM is giving a worthy fight to Apple.

That said, if RIM would not improve their disadvantages (HTML email, for example) they will loose the fight.

Back to blog

November 28, 2008

Moved the blog into a new hosting. I know that here unlike Yahoo hosting there would not be any infrastructure issues. I hope to finalize everything in a few days so all the Pages contents is aligned as well.

Mobile ME orientation movie – Using Firefox

July 11, 2008

I have decided to use a trail of Mobile ME.

To my surprise on the orientation movie the browser used is Firefox and not Safari… Go Figure.

Goodbye Blackberry?

July 11, 2008

One of the interesting things Apple has added into Mobile ME and into the new 2.0 iPhone software is push email.

After examining several videos that are available online an interesting question is now raising – Where is Blackberry going to go from here?

Having PUSH email is an enormous advantage for all of us geeks that needs their email wherever they go and immediately.

Seems to me there is no gap anymore between Apple to Blackberry. From now on it is Blackberry trailing behind Apple not only with features, but also with Sales.

That said, you can get Blackberry on all major carriers (at least in the US), but only select offers the iPhone (usually a single per-country).

Where is Apple going with this?

July 8, 2008

I admit it.

I really do not understand Apple and its idiotic policy with regards to the iPhone 3G. Let’s assume I would like to buy the iPhone and pay 600 USD just to get it. According to some reports, I would still need to activate it. It would not be SIM free… I am not sure if these reports are true, but if so this represents a lame way of moving back instead of moving forward for Apple.

What was so cool about the first generation iPhone? You could activate it at home (or not) using iTunes and the whole let’s go to the store thing did not apply.

Now you are forced to activate in store (Apple or AT&T).

Frankly I am getting tired of this. The phone itself is not any new revelation to the mobile phone industry. So we have 3G, GPS and a better battery. The version Apple had to start with a year later.

If it turns out that you are to pay 600 USD for an unlocked iPhone 3G I do believe there might be other more interesting alternatives. Check out HTC touch Diamond, and the new Touch Pro (679 USD unlocked SIM free).

Solid State Drives: (SSDs): More Power To You!

July 5, 2008

The folks over at Tom’s Hardware performed a test trying to conclude whether Solid State Drives (SSDs) really reduces the power consumption of notebooks and whether they improve battery life.

The bottom line is… they don’t!

Here it comes: iPhone 3G

July 5, 2008

I am sure you have all read about the new iPhone 3G and what it brings (or not) to the world of mobile phones.

Frankly I am a bit disappointed from the enhancements of the new iPhone (but it is better to have a 3G capability then not). I am still scratching my head understanding why can’t Apple make the iPhone be used as a modem? Oh well.

In my opinion the biggest addition is the app store. This is the new cash cow for Apple. Write your application and split the cash with us. Very creative move by Apple. I anticipate that GPS applications and Games will be the number 1 hit for the App store (or at least this is what I will be looking for).

The other part relates to how you get your hands on the phone and how much is this going to cost you. As a loyal citizen of Apple I had bought the first generation iPhone when it cost 600 USD (Steve, where is my other 100USD?). Now I need to put 300 USD more just to get committed to AT&T again for 2-years.

Go figure.

This time I might wait a bit to hear whether the new iPhone is really that much of a change or whether it is just a nice enhancement.

Security Magazines: Reality vs. Fiction

July 5, 2008

During the weekend I have read several articles that I had interest in from a number of security magazines / online publications.

What I have found is that most of the reporters that wrote these articles simply do not have the experience to know when they are being fed with FUD.
There is a big difference between on paper to the real world of deployment in the field. Some technologies which look great simply cannot scale or do not work as expected in the real world.

The problem is with the experience of the reporter that writes about the technology. The experience is not always there (there are exceptions of course) and therefore the FUD is spade.