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Windows 7 First Impressions: Better, Faster

January 9, 2009

It is a long time since I was impressed of something coming out of Redmond. I was very curious about Windows 7, and wanted to give it a try to understand whether Microsoft had learned the lesson from Vista.

Fortunate enough I am an MSDN subscriber and had an early availability download before the rest of the world get’s it today.

My first impression is that Microsoft certainly did learn. Installed as a VM under Mac OS X, using parallels, the setup was like a breeze. The whole installation process had taken less then 25 minutes. The other immediate impression I got is that Windows 7 is certainly faster then Vista and without using a designated tool it does look faster then XP as well.

Nearly at the end of the install I was prompted to select the automatic updates policy I would like to use.

I had to install parallels tools in order to get networking working. Other then that, there were no issues.

When logged on, I was prompted by the action center letting me know I was not running an anti-virus. The pop up suggested to find a program online taking me to a Microsoft web page introducing solutions which are compatible with Windows 7.


Symantec, Kaspersky labs, and AVG already have beta software for Windows 7. This would make a great marketing and sales tools for them, if their products work decently.

I will be playing with it for some more. Until now, my impression is positive.