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About My Upcoming Defcon 15 Presentation – kNAC!

July 18, 2007

I will be speaking at Defcon 15 about NAC vulnerabilities and bypass issues.

The talk has a considerable amount of new vulnerability information, which I have collected in the past year and kept quite about. So you should stay tuned for some interesting new stuff.

Don’t be a stranger and come say hello.


My Shmoocon 2007 presentation is now available in Video

April 20, 2007

The folks over at Shmoocon have uploaded the video of my Shmoocon 2007 talk to their web site. You can find it here. I have much enjoyed the conference and I highly recommend it.

ShmooCon ‘07 – Some tough questions about NAC

March 28, 2007

I have just got back home from ShmooCon ’07 where I gave a presentation about bypassing NAC (an updated presentation). Overall the conference was a very good one (content wise), and well organized with about 1200 attendees.

From the number and type of questions I have been asked during my presentation and afterwards, it seems IT professionals are now asking more tough questions about NAC. It is surly a trend I have identified after my BlackHat 2006 presentation, where a growing number of people now understands what NAC is; what it should and should not provide, and that asking the right questions about NAC.

A NAC solution that can be bypassed or does not identify elements operating on the network is not a solution someone should consider. It actually creates a false sense of security and cannot meet an organization’s compliance requirements.

Richard Bejtlich of Tao Security did a nice write-up about the conference and about my talk.

Blackhat DC 2007 / EUSecWest 07

February 23, 2007

Next week I will be speaking at Blackhat DC 2007 and at EUSecWest. I have updated my Bypassing NAC presentation to include more material and product examples. Some surprises are planned, so for those who would not attend either one of the conferences, stay tuned for the posted presentation at the end of next week ☺.