Office 2008 for Mac – A Ture Microsoft Software

I am a Mac user. This is not new. I got a habit to write about the software I am using from time to time, and to complain about software as well.

I already had written in the past about Office 2008. Using it extensively on the Mac for the past several weeks, and I am getting tired of it everytime I need to use it. The bugs Word, Powerpoint and Entourage have are making this software unbarable.

My frustration grows as I tried using Keynote and Pages ’09. The problem being is incompatability. Yes, forget about compatability, it is simply a lie. Open a powerpoint presentation, it would open, but most times the design you had would not be there any more. The same holds true when creating a Keynote presentation and exporting it to Powerpoint format.

Open Office is not an option as well, as I see what it produces on Linux.

So, what is the solution for all of this?


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