Stay away from yellowsn0w

Well, after playing around with it for several hours I gave up on yellowsn0w. For those of you who did not experienced  the new unlock tool for the iPhone 3G I would strongly recommend staying away from it until someone figures out why there are so many unsuccessful unlocks.

After unlocking I ended up with an unstable iPhone 3G unable of making or receiving calls, unable to use the Internet, etc. Lucky me, restored to a clean install of 2.2, inserted my Turbo SIM and at least I am having a working 2G iPhone (no, 3G does not work still with firmware 2.2 and Turbo SIM).

The Dev-Team is making an effort resolving this. Currently they have released version 0.9.3.

Update I: The Dev-Team had released version 0.9.4. With this release I was able to unlock the iPhone and make and receive calls. I still don’t have 3G enabled, or the Internet working…

Update II: Everything is working perfectly fine now.

Update III: It is unstable and cannot be trusted. There is still a long way to go with this.


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