Countdown for yellowsn0w

A few hours now separates us from 2009. One of the most anticipated events to happen right at the start of the new year (for those who care) is the release of yellowsn0w, the unlock for Apple’s iPhone 3G. This is if you haven’t upgraded to the new baseband that comes with version 2.2 (there might be a surprise there according to the latest rumors). The unlock will be available via Cydia at midnight tonight and it seems that the crowds are already mounting in anticipation.

I have already written in the past about Apple’s treatment with regards to those who wish to purchase and unlock an iPhone. And I have also written about why do I think Apple would not make the iPhone SIM-free. I still think that Apple’s approach is wrong, and the efforts that are being made by Apple preventing this from happening proves not to last for long.

My logic behind this, is that if someone wishes to purchase an iPhone, and there is a provider in his country that sales it, the chances are lower that this person would be looking into the trouble of getting an iPhone and unlocking it. Those unfortunate that do not have the option to purchase the iPhone in their countries, are ,in my opinion, those who will be looking into getting one and unlocking it.

The iPhone is a status symbol in many countries, especially if there is no carrier saling it. This makes it  ‘cooler’ having one, when most cannot have it.

Update: Seems like the unlock is compatible with version 2.2 and the 02.28.00 baseband.


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