What is Apple trying to do to its iPhone users?

Apple had released firmware version 1.1.1 for the iPhone. If you have software hacked iPhone that allows you to place any SIM card and use any GSM-based network, your phone will be bricked. i.e. you will not be able to use it.

The question asked is why Apple is trying to angry its customers? I have already written in the past about the new Apple cash cow, which is the percentage it takes from the net profit for the iPhone customers of the carriers, which have exclusive deals with Apple.

Apple is actually doing more then this. If you will show up in an Apple store with a bricked iPhone the chances are that your iPhone will not be replaced and that your warranty is voided.

In my opinion Apple had gone too far with this. Instead of being happy that the iPhone is a big success, and it sells in big numbers, Apple is fighting its own users. According to various sources Apple had already sold more then 1 million of iPhone units. So even if 5% of them are hacked and can use any SIM, why does Apple bothers so much about this?

One aspect would be to show the carriers it is doing something. The other is to maintain the exclusivity.

This also ties with another mistake (my opinion) Apple did by lowering the price of the iPhone by 200$ two months after it had been introduced.

Sure, if you are gadget guy you need to pay more. But on the other hand you do not expect that only 2 months will pass and that the price will be cut by 33%?


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