Apple is now facing the real world of security with the iPhone and Safari for Windows

The iPhone makes an excellent example of how a marketing hype and a cool product can turn into a security nightmare. As a product gets more visibility and its number of its users is on the rise the chances of having a security issue found with the product are higher. This holds true not only for the iPhone but also for other products (Oracle DB and David Litchfield for example) and technologies (VoIP).

It is not like Apple was not warn when they shipped the beta versions of Safari for Windows that the product is less then satisfying with regards to its security. It did not take long for people to post security issues they have found. But the warning was not enough to change things at Apple.

You do expect a company at that size to act. But this is not different with any major security issue they had with Mac OS X, which always takes them some time to fix.

The iPhone is extremely popular and it is doubtful that the security issues found with Safari on the iPhone will drive people away from it. But the bad feeling is creeping in. For Apple to resolve all they need is a software update to fix, and not to wait too much.

What would it take now to find issue with the and how that would affect Apple’s Mac OS X (i.e. no viruses no Trojans advertisement)? Just curious.

Welcome to the real world.


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