Features missing from the iPhone

So today is the big day where Apple is lunching the iPhone. Good luck for those in line to get the device.

I have compiled a list of things that the iPhone is missing or that it support but may create a problem. I do believe the iPhone will be a huge success, but this would be an Apple marketing success rather then a “revolutionary phone” success. This is not to dismiss the good job Apple did on a v1.0 of a mobile phone, but just as a reminder that there are more things other then a nifty GUI (Leopard anyone?).

So what are we missing?

No cut-and-paste
No memory card slot
No voice dialing
No search when looking up contacts
No software from 3rd parties
The phone’s version of Safari can’t handle Java or Flash
No picture messaging (MMS)
No external battery (300 recharges and it will start loosing its charging capabilities)
Entering text is not as easy and intuitive as advertised
No 3G support (slowwwww Internet surfing)
Other carries other then AT&T
Can’t use the phone as a modem
Synching with external email on a PC (open question)



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