Is Apple Leopard nothing more then a nice new GUI?

A lot of material has been published since the WWDC 07 conference about Apple’s upcoming Leopard OS. One thing, which is consistently highlighted is the various enhancements that are expected with Leopard.

At first glance (like I did) these look promising, and helpful. But are there more changes other then GUI enhancements and new GUI features?

Don’t get me wrong, I love stacks, putting cover flow in Finder, and having a quick view are all good productive ideas and functions. But other then a new Kernel and the GUI stuff what can we look for with the new OS release?

Boot camp? I use Paralles. And as far as I know most people prefer that instead of using Boot camp. Spaces? This is old news although the way Apple integrated this into the OS is cool. Mail? I still think Apple is behind the rest of the world with its email application. If Apple highlights having the ability to have notes inside the mail application they are in trouble.

This leads me to another question. Will Leopard be a success? Absolutely! People like shiny new things, and Leopard (and the iPhone) is not exception.


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