I want Apple Leopard and I want it NOW!

Like many others I have browsed to www.apple.com this morning looking for the new Safari beta for Windows.

Instead I have found the new advertisement for Leopard.

I was skeptic regarding Leopard. I mean, what else can you do for an operating system. But when looking at the different feature demonstration Apple had put on their web site… I want it NOW!

The new GUI (the reflective dock is cool (but not that useful, functional wise), and the file stacks is a great idea), the new Finder (preview for the contents, cover flow for skimming through document like in iTunes for Albums and even opening one without lunching an application), the new backup system (time machine, extreamly useful for the untechnical), and even spaces (i.e. using multiple screens at the same time) seems amazing (GUI wise).

I am still not impressed with Mail (how long would Entourage be better then Mail?), and that is the only complaint I currently have still not having the ability to play with the whole thing.

I think that overall Apple had used a lot of forward thinking when designing Leopard. I will be surely upgrading when possible, and I do expect it (at least from the preview side of things) to be a very successful release.


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