In Memory of Oshri Oz

My beloved friend,

I am writing to you a few hours after you have been killed. In my head I am still thinking about yesterday, about the time our families had spent together, and the things we have discussed.

I am having trouble to think about you in past tense. I can still see you in my mind playing with your daughter, running after her, going to buy her ice cream, again, when your first choice was rejected, laughing, being here…

I know you’re gone. The pictures I saw on TV showing you on the ground when the paramedics are trying to revive you simply do not get out of my head.

They are there along with all the good memories I have about you.
I will always cherish the time we had spent together.

You see my friend, you had been someone special.
Someone you do not get to meet every day.
Someone that will always be 35.

I will miss you… we will all miss you.



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One Response to “In Memory of Oshri Oz”

  1. Ofir Arkin Says:

    May 27, 2007 – Oshri Oz, 35, of Hod Hasharon, was killed when a Kassam rocket landed near his car in Sderot. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Oz was born and raised in Bat Yam. In sixth grade he joined the Jaffa branch of the Sea Scouts and developed a great love for seafaring and marine animals. After his army service as a coordinator for overseas volunteers, he was employed by the Sderot-based Peretz Bonei HaNegev construction company. While he left the company a few years ago, he continued to service its computer network, and came to Sderot twice a week. “He would go to Sderot all the time to fix the company’s computers,” a friend said. “He was not afraid to go there and never expressed any apprehension.”

    Oshri was driving in Sderot at about 9:30 in the morning when a Kassam rocket fell just 30 cms from his car. Fatally wounded, he was evacuated to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon where he died shortly afterwards.

    Avi Teiger, an MDA paramedic who treated Oshri on the site, knew him since childhood. They were part of a closely knit group of friends, of the Sea Scouts troop, who have stayed in contact for over 25 years. When Teiger saw Oz, his face covered in blood, he didn’t recognize him at first as the same person he had just seen smiling the day before.

    Oshri Oz was buried in the Yarkon Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Susanna, six months pregnant, 2.5-year-old daughter Danielle, mother and two sisters.


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