An ‘A’ to Apple Support

So, the first part of the sad story about my MacBook Pro was that although repaired, the display of the notebook still had experienced issues. After allowing Apple 3 more days I decided to call the Apple store and to ask for the status of my repair.

The phone call went something like this: “Sir, we are sorry but we were not been able to repair your machine. We have replaced the display 3 times experiencing the same issues…unfortunately we would have to completely replace it”.

Apple have replaced my Core Due 1 15′ MacBook Pro with a brand new Core Due 2 15′ MacBook Pro.

At least when it comes to support, Apple does this the right way.

The question still remains – Will the quality of the hardware be changed?

Until now the Core Due 2-based MacBook Pro is behaving better then the old one. I hope it would last more. Just as a reminder, this is my 3rd MacBook Pro machine (and yes I bought only one)…


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