More Hardware Issues with My MacBook Pro

So, my Mac Book Pro had to be serviced…again! The problem this time is with the display (again) and with the optical drive (does not want to read anything anymore).

The last time I had been to an Apple store it was established that the display and the optical drive needs to be replaced. Since I did not had the time to leave the computer there, I did this this weekend.

The Genius Bar dude got me into buying a Pro Care and promised everything will be fixed in 2-4 days. A day later I got the call – your machine is ready to be picked up. Happy I went down to the Apple store. Just before saying goodbye after thanking them I decided to check what was replaced and if it satisfies me.

Oh my god! – So, Apple replaced the display, the optical drive and the board inverter. Nothing much. Except for the shelling of the box nearly everything was replaced. Fine I said. Let’s see how does the new display looks like. Ouch! 1/8 of the screen is darker then the rest!

So my machine is still at the Apple store, and my opinion regarding the new Intel-based hardware remains the same (bad quality). I am writing this using my old PowerBook G4 laptop.

I wonder if this would be the type of quality we should expect from the iPhone. If so, Apple is in serious trouble.


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