The iPhone, Apple’s biggest mistake?!

The truth is that I still can’t understand Apple regarding the pre-mature announcement about the iPhone. Not only that this is the first time Apple announces a new product well before it is going to be available on the market (6 months) but this is the first time Apple is revealing all of the features and capabilities of a new product well before it is available.

The iPhone is not a revolution – the opposite is the truth.

I believe consumers will find the iPhone disappointing not only due to the enormous hype around it and the high expectations but also because of its features (and the lack of). After the cool factor will diminish and the features and capabilities will be compared to other smart phones available on the market the iPhone will not be declared as the smart phone of all smart phones. On the contrary.

Why? Well, Apple is not a mobile phone company. This suggests that with the first generation of iPhones some mistakes may be made. One good example is with the battery which is an integral part of the phone…

Another mistake, in my opinion, is with sticking with a single operator. Why not learning from the HTC module? When HTC understood that its mobile phones are such a hot commodity they started selling their own brand along side with their old business of OEMing their phones to the largest operators in the world. In fact my mobile phone is made by HTC. If I wish to use an HTC mobile phone I can do this on any network I would like (as long as it is not CDMA).

But the next list of issues is even worse for Apple. The lack of voice dialing, 3G Internet access, Word or Excel support, the fact it can’t be used as a laptop modem, no support for removable memory, no 3rd party applications, and mostly that its calendar, task, and e-mail will not sync with Microsoft outlook.
In my opinion the iPhone is not a miracle, and it is a mobile phone. which now trails after the existing mobile phone, and in 6 months this situation would even be worst.

What would do the iPhone for Apple? I am not sure, but I sincerely hope it will not be Apple’s biggest mistake.


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