iPhone & Apple TV: In one word: Disappointment

Disclaimer: I am an apple junky. I have several Apple laptops, I got various iPods, and I assume I will continue to buy their stuff.

That said, I really do not understand what is the excitement over Apple TV and iPhone. I get Apple’s idea, awesome design, great UI, medium features and selling like crazy (see for example the black MacBook, or the U2 iPod). They have done this before, they are doing it now, and they will do this again.

Let’s start with Apple TV. There is absolutely nothing new with the concept. Nothing. There are other alternatives on the market today, which costs less then the 299USD price tag apple is asking. Sure, the UI is superb, but paying the premium for that – not me.

The iPhone’s coolness factor is 10 out of 10. It is a gorgeous device that promises a lot. The problem? I think Steve Jobs hasn’t used a good smart phone lately. I proudly own an HTC TyTN Windows mobile-based smart phone. I admit it, I run Windows on my mobile phone. It is a Tri-Band UMTS, Quad-Band EDGE, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® phone. It basically has any type of connectivity option currently available on the market.

What does Steve Jobs tells us about the iPhone?

  • “Apple is going to re-invent the phone”
  • “The problem is, they are not so smart and not so easy to use”
  • “Way smarter then any mobile device, and way easy to use”
  • “Bring all of your contacts to the phone”
  • “5 years ahead of any other mobile phone”

So Steve Jobs thinks that bringing all of our contacts to the mobile phone is a cool unique feature… Come on.

Let’s examine this. Who does use an ultra cool new mobile phone? My dad? My mom? My folks do not need 3G nor an advanced mobile phone. They are using a phone that can dial a number, do a re-dial show them who calls them and who are they calling.

My folks lives up north from where my wife and I live. I tried convincing my dad to get a 3G phone so we can have a Video call where he would be able to see his grand daughter. I miserably failed. It is simply too complicated for him.

This brings us back to the audience that is the target of the phone. Who do you expect to pick up this gorgeous but extremely expensive phone?

This is all about the UI and the coolness effect and not about the feature set. In my opinion the phone is not a giant leap to the future, and Apple is not inventing the wheel here.

I would like to see iPhone able to sync to the computer meetings and contacts I have inserted on the iPhone to Microsoft Office. I am doubtful this is going to be supported with the first version of the iPhone. If it will not support that, the business world is not going to buy the phone. Simple as that.

As a multimedia device it looks great. If it works like is seems to, it will be the best phone and multimedia device that would be out there. But days would tell.

Another interesting point to make is the security of the device. It is a full-blown operating system (according to Jobs), I wonder what its security issues would be? Would we see the same issues with OS X immediately replicated to the iPhone? That might be dreadful for all.

Will I buy the phone? I did not buy the iPod video since I think its screen is too small. I admit it is hard to walk into an Apple store and resist it. But I do resist it. I am not sure what would be my reaction to the iPhone especially when the 4GB version is 499USD + 2 years contract. Who wants to pay that amount not able to have an unlocked phone?


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