David Pogue Discovers Wi-Fi is Insecure

For those of you who do not know who David Pogue is, David is behind the missing manual book series for MAC OS X. David does all sorts of other things as well, and one of them is writing for the New York Times.

One of his latest posts to his blog is titled “How Secure Is Your Wi-Fi Connection?“.

I selected some quotes from his write-up. I believe they are self-explanatory why user education may miserably fail:

“…None of this took any particular effort, hacker skill or fancy software. Anyone could do it. You could do it.”

“Now, the fact that it’s so easy to intercept your Internet signals in a public hot spot doesn’t mean that somebody is *doing* it. In fact, of course, most of the time, nobody is.”

“Truth be known, since my eyes were opened, my Wi-Fi habits haven’t actually changed much. I still open the laptop in the hotel lobby, exchange e-mail with readers, editors and friends, and check a few news sites or blogs. None of it would really mean anything to an evil eavesdropper nearby.”


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